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Educating Northern Arizona

One of the most important things citizens can do is hold politicians accountable for their actions.
How do we do that? Does one voice matter?

Here are some suggestions we have found that work to hold politicians accountable.
If you would like to make suggestions for this list, please email us or visit us at a meeting.
1. Vote!!
There is no better way to show your support for a candidate than by voting and being informed of your choices.
2. Follow voting patterns!
Check, which evaluates the truth of statements from a variety of sources. also lets you see each bill and how your representative voted.
If you are savvy on social media and email, you can sign up for legislators’ email alerts and follow them on social media.
3. Know how to contact your legislators!
If you are unaware of your representatives, please visit sites like
If you call your representative, you need to identify yourself as a constituent and state your case.
Calls and letters do not need to take a lot of time.
4. Show up to community events!
This is one advantage to being a part of the Tea Party; candidates and politician’s show up often, and you can usually speak with them one-on-one briefly at the end of our meetings and can also usually ask questions during presentations.
Your physical presence has an impact and shows that constituents are paying attention.
5. Make a Plan!
If your candidate made it into office, you need to help him or her stay there.
If they won by a small margin you need to help get out the vote and explain to people the importance of exercising their right to Vote.
Contact information for many of our local, state and national politicians can be found on other pages on this site.